Brothers and best friends - that’s the combination of the    Austrian Punkrock-Trio from Vienna. Stefan and Thomas are brothers, grewing up together and shared a tiny bedroom for over 20 years.  Stefan and Mark know each other from middle school and developed a lifelong friendship. Together they    discovered Punkrock music and quickly turned into a lasting passion for Punk attitude 

Enjoy live, respect everyone, don't give a fuck about shit.

!! Live Shows are the best !!

Inspired from live performances of the 90's Punkrock bands, they felt like they have to be on stage as well. 

From the very beginning the band was well known for their energetic live shows and their interaction with the audience.

...previously on 

                  INSANE HABITS

Back in
2010 they released their debut album
“Habits On The Bridge”, a self recorded low budget CD.
In fact the sound engineer was partly paid in beer. Never the less, two songs even made it on the Vienna Rock Radio Station 88.6.
Fast forward
2019 the band got back together and started to record
their second album “Nothing To Declare” and released it in
2021. Two singles have been released, Roads Towards Home (Music Video) and Deaf Ears.
Right now
INSANE HABITS released a new EP "How To Grow Up And Fail Miserably" with two singles up front "For No Reason" and "So Easy". 
They are playing gigs in Austria and supporting bands from all over the place. Recently Belvedere from Canada, Darko from UK and Sir Reg from Sweden.
...see you in the goddamn pit!